Artificial Grass for Sports Surfaces

Artificial Grass for Sports Surfaces? Although artificial grass has been in existence for some decades, the modern product as supplied by Artificial Grass Warrington is soft, durable and beautiful, and suitable for many uses. We have experience in installing artificial grass for a variety of sports venues, so why are people choosing it instead of the real thing?

There are many benefits to using artificial grass over the real thing, so let’s start with one of the most important: durability. Our artificial grass for sports usage is designed and manufactured for the typical heavy use it will be expected to undergo. You won’t get those bald, worn patches in the heavy use areas – the goal area, for example – and it will last a long time. All of our products come with very generous warranties, so you can play for years on your fresh new surface.

Easy to Maintain

Installing artificial grass for your sports surface will be welcomed by anyone who is used to maintaining a real grass surface. There is no need to mow, it can be cleaned with water, and you do away with troublesome mud. We will install your artificial grass with the correct base material for your needs, and we will do so quickly and efficiently, with professional service always.

Also a bonus is that artificial grass offers all year-round use; you won’t find you have to postpone games due to a waterlogged pitch, as the top of the range products provided by us at Artificial Grass Warrington have built-in drainage, meaning rain water will simply drain away quickly. Saving time and money on maintenance, and being able to open all year, both add value, so you are getting extra cost savings when you use our product.

Suitable for Many Sports

Our artificial grass is the best you can buy, and that’s why it has been chosen by many sports clubs as the surface they prefer. Its hard-wearing nature means it is suitable for fast games with heavy footfall such as football and hockey, while golf and bowling clubs will welcome its smooth surface with no obstructions or wear. As experts in the supply and installation of the best product, we can help with all the advice you need on the best surface for your chosen sport.

Cricket pitches, school playing fields and tennis courts also use artificial grass, and as it is a synthetic product, it is suitable for use indoors as well as outside. Thus, you can have a grass tennis court in your sports hall, or a putting green inside the building. As the grass will remain lush, green and beautiful all year, you can use your time more readily and enjoy your pitches for longer.

If you believe your club, school or other institution could benefit from artificial grass sports surfaces, get in touch with us and let us show you the beautiful, durable and maintenance- free products that we supply to many sports clubs and grounds already, and one of our team will be happy to help with any questions or advice you may need.