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Some people will tell you that installing an artificial lawn, an option that is rapidly becoming more popular in and around the Warrington area, means losing the wildlife that visits your garden. We can tell you that this is not the case! A fake lawn may mean that birds can no longer dig for worms, but there are many things you can do to encourage them to keep visiting your garden. It’s all about being creative, and understanding what birds – and other wildlife – need and want in a garden.

Pet-friendly Artificial Grass

Artificial lawns are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons; people with small outdoor areas – perhaps a yard or balcony – and using this innovative method to create a lush green garden where one may not be expected, for example. Furthermore, in these days of busy working lives and little spare time, the easy maintenance of artificial grass cannot be overstated. Indeed, if you have such small outdoor space you may be surprised at ways on which you can encourage birds to your garden, while enjoying the benefits of the artificial lawn and your new-found garden!

Invite Birds to Your Artificial Lawn

First, let us assure you that your artificial grass will not deter birds; of course, they can no longer dig in it, but what about other areas of the garden? If you do have borders then there is plenty of opportunity for birds to forage among the soil and plants for food, and they can be encouraged to do so by planting the relevant plants that produce fruit the birds eat. In the Warrington area there are many species of birds that may visit domestic gardens, so it is worth researching what they eat, and what may attract them to your garden.

One of the advantages of artificial grass is that it does away with the need to use pesticides; this can be hugely beneficial when it comes to attracting wildlife. Your garden will be poison-free at all times, and will therefore provide a safe haven not just for birds, but also for other wildlife. It really is a great option if you want a maintenance free garden and one that looks beautiful all year-round, and you may be surprised to find out how affordable artificial grass can be, and how it will save you money in the long run too.

Provide a Safe Sanctuary

Even if you have a small area or a balcony you can still attract birds to your garden, and the provision of nesting areas – in safe spots away from the reach of cats – is one method of doing so. How great would it be to watch birds fledge from your artificial lawn, close and personal? It’s a wonder of nature, and by turning your small unused area into a bird haven you are helping the world of wildlife thrive in your area.

Water is another necessary addition; a bird bath is a great addition to any garden, no matter the size, and will sit perfectly on a lush fake lawn, and there are many designs you can choose from to suit any space. Pots and planters for insect life and further food also add colour and variety to your garden or balcony, and are an affordable way of keeping your space full of life and enjoyable to observe.

Enjoying Nature

The availability of quality, beautiful artificial grass has in fact created outdoor spaces suitable for birds that were not there before. The aforementioned balconies and roof terraces are a welcome bonus and give valuable outdoor space to both residents and birds, and encouraging nature to thrive is to be celebrated. At Artificial Grass Warrington we are happy to provide you with advice and help regarding the most suitable type of artificial lawn for your available space, and we can also offer expert garden design services, so you can make the best us of the area in question.

We will happily supply you with samples of our top quality artificial grass so you can see exactly what we supply, so why not get in touch right now and one of our friendly and professional team will arrange to visit and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

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